A Philadelphia Story

A Philadelphia Story


Founders and Famous Families from the City of Brotherly Love

A Philadelphia Story is an in-depth look at how significant founders, families, and firsts made Philadelphia not only the birthplace of our country, but also truly a city of firsts. Through their efforts they stamped their mark on Philadelphia with parks, streets, and landmarks bearing their names.

Founders and Famous Families: Philadelphia brings to life the founding families’ histories, a history of lives lived large — truly the Who’s Who (as well as the When and Where) of Philadelphia — that when considered together, made the City of Brotherly Love the great metropolis it is today.

From the first hospital to the first paper mill, Philadelphia was the keystone to our developing nation in its formative years. Philadelphia is also home of America’s first zoo, the oldest art museum and art school in the country and the first African American Church in the United States.

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