Old Farmhouse Kitchen

Old Farmhouse Kitchen


Recipes and Old-Time Nostalgia

This cookbook contains tried-and-true comfort food recipes and full-color photos from the farmhouse kitchen, peppered nostalgic anecdotes.

What evokes the same happy memories as licking an ice cream cone, Mom’s fresh cookies, the old swimming hole, gathering with your cousins and lots of the best food in the world? At least, in your own world! My goal with writing this Farm Cookbook is to provide the subtle ambiance of a farm life as it was, now created in your own kitchen! Whether you are a farm girl or a farmer, or just wish you were, this book will produce irresistible creations and charm. Within yourself, there must be the desire to cook recipe with simple goodness, a recipe easy to follow that will, and does, provide refreshing success.

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Frances Gillette



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Color photos throughout

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