Peaceful Places Portland

Peaceful Places Portland


103 Tranquil Sites in the Rose City and Beyond

This book invites the reader to decompress at 103 tranquil sites in the Portland area.

Life in a great metropolis can go from exciting to overwhelming. Thank goodness there are remedies, and you’ll find them in Paul Gerald’s Peaceful Places: Portland This local writer knows where to decompress, and when to visit popular attractions without the crowds. In these pages, he leads you to:

  • 10 Day Trips & Overnights
  • 9 Enchanting Walks
  • 9 Historic Sites
  • 4 Museums & Galleries
  • 10 Outdoor Habitats
  • 11 Parks & Gardens
  • 15 Quiet Tables
  • 5 Reading Rooms
  • 5 Scenic Vistas
  • 12 Shops & Services
  • 5 Spiritual Enclaves
  • 8 Urban Surprises

Many sites are free, and Gerald tells you how to reach nearly all of them by public transportation. Geared to local residents, tourists, and business travelers, Peaceful Places: Portland reveals the calm, cool, collected side of a bustling hometown and a 24/7 destination. So take a deep breath and enjoy this unusual guide.

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Peaceful Places

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