Recipes for Gatherings from Mrs. Sundberg’s Kitchen

Recipes for Gatherings from Mrs. Sundberg’s Kitchen


A book like this takes a lifetime to write, its recipes collected over the years. It all started when Mrs. Sundberg began including tried-and-true recipes in her columns. Most folks thought they were pretty good, and some even said the meals and dips and pies were just right for gatherings with friends. So Mrs. Sundberg gathered up her favorite recipes for entertaining – the best recipes this side of Lake Wobegon. The resulting cookbook is full up with simple food for gatherings, lovingly prepared, sure to please. More than 130 recipes (with common ingredients, most of ’em already in your pantry) create menus perfect for getting friends together, themed parties and special events – a lot like the ones Mom and Dad hosted back in the day. The bonus: Mrs. Sundberg adds her stories and thoughts on the importance of sharing meals with friends.

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