The Joy of Squash

The Joy of Squash


From Acorn to Zucchini

In this popular cookbook, acclaimed author Theresa Millang presents more than 200 of her favorite recipes for the many different types of squash like butternut, acorn, and many more!

Now you have a use for all of that squash in your garden – besides dropping it off at your neighbor’s front door! Theresa Millang presents more than 200 recipes that will have you cooking healthy, delicious meals. The 16 varieties of squash in this cookbook (acorn, banana, buttercup, butternut, chayote, crookneck yellow, cucuzza, delicata, goldbar, Hubbard, patty pan, pumpkin, spaghetti, sugar pumpkin, turban, zucchini) are packed with health benefits, too!

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