The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2020

The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2020


With insightful writing, up-to-date reviews of major attractions, and a lot of “local” knowledge, The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas has it all. Compiled and written by a team of experienced researchers whose work has been cited by such diverse sources as USA Today and Operations Research Forum, The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas digs deeper and offers more than can any single author.

This is the only guide that explains how Las Vegas works and how to use that knowledge to make every minute and every dollar of your time there count. With advice that is direct, prescriptive, and detailed, it takes out the guesswork. Eclipsing the usual list of choices, it unambiguously rates and ranks everything from hotels, restaurants, and attractions to rental car companies. With The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas, you know what’s available in every category, from the best to the worst.

The reader will also find the sections about the history of the town and the chapters on gambling fascinating. In truth, The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas emphasizes how to have fun and understand the crazy environment that is today’s Vegas. It’s a keeper.

What’s New in the Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2020?

  • Detailed ratings and descriptions of new shows, new restaurants, new attractions, and new nightlife
  • The latest on e-sports, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, and the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas
  • Updates on new hotels and hotel renovations
  • Best places to gamble for each casino game
  • Tips for using Uber, Lyft, and the Las Vegas Monorail, as well as advice for getting around road construction and traffic snarls

About the author: Bob Sehlinger, a Lowell Thomas Award-winning journalist, is best known as the creator and producer of The Unofficial Guide series.

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