Can You Count the Critters?

Can You Count the Critters?


A fun counting book, from 1 to 12, that features animal photographs.

Animal photos help your child learn to count the numbers!

Watching your kids learn to count is both satisfying and exciting. It is such a wonder to see their minds at work, learning new concepts. Make your child’s exploration of numbers and counting even more rewarding with Can You Count the Critters? Award-winning wildlife photographer and author Stan Tekiela presents this 123 book that features his amazing images of animals in their natural habitats. From one monarch butterfly to twelve bison, the wildlife shown here will captivate your counter’s attention. Not only does Can You Count the Critters? aid children in recognizing numbers, it also instills an early appreciation for the wild and beautiful creatures of North America. You’ll have fun teaching youngsters numbers with the help of fuzzy, furry little critters.

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