Can You Survive the Wonderful Wizard of Oz?

Can You Survive the Wonderful Wizard of Oz?


A Choose Your Path Book

In this Choose Your Path adventure, the reader becomes Dorothy, a beloved character from classic literature, and must make choices in order to survive L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Enter classic literature’s most famous magical realm, and make choices to survive L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in this Choose Your Path adventure.

You are Dorothy, the accidental adventurer. You’ve been swept away from your home in Kansas by a deadly tornado. Now, you find yourself in the Land of Oz, a fantastical world of witches, monsters, and talking animals. Every moment, your life is at risk. You must use your knowledge and courage—and plenty of help from your strange collection of friends—to survive such perils as angry trees, tiger-bears, and winged monkeys.

Adapted by award-winning author Ryan Jacobson with chapter illustrations by Y. Shane NitzscheCan You Survive the Wonderful Wizard of Oz? turns the classic novel by L. Frank Baum into a Choose Your Path book for kids. The survival story puts readers in control of the action. Do you have what it takes to traverse the road of yellow brick? Or will this dangerous route and its many obstacles lead to your doom? Step into this adventure, and choose your path. But choose wisely, or else!

Book Features

  • Interactive adventure that challenges readers to survive the story
  • Familiar characters on a magical journey
  • BONUS: hands-on educational activity for families and classrooms

Interactive books for kids are more popular than ever. Create your own adventure with the Interactive Classic Literature book series for boys and girls. You’re the main character. You make the choices. Can you survive?

Additional information

Dimensions 5.25 × 7.5 in

Ryan Jacobson


Y. Shane Nitzsche

Page Count:



Interactive Classic Literature



Publication Date

November 15, 2022


Lake 7 Creative


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