Fortune Teller’s Curse

Fortune Teller’s Curse


A Choose Your Path Mystery

Identify suspects, gather clues, navigate puzzles, and solve the mystery in this interactive Choose Your Path thriller.

The Pizza Emporium’s retro arcade is a popular hangout, so you’re surprised to learn that the restaurant is losing business. The arcade’s fortune teller machine is supposed to be a fun addition, but now it’s scaring away customers. The machine’s predictions have taken a sinister turn—and they’re starting to come true! When you decide to uncover what’s really going on, you must choose your supplies and let the investigation begin.

You’re the detective in this puzzling mystery by acclaimed author Deb Mercier. As you work your way through the story, it’s up to you to

  • identify suspects and gather clues,
  • make choices that affect what happens,
  • navigate challenging puzzles—from mazes to secret codes—and
  • use deductive reasoning to determine what the crime was, how it happened, and whodunit.

Interactive books for kids are more popular than ever. Create your own adventure with the Detective: You book series for boys and girls. You’re the main character. You make the choices. Will you solve the case?

Additional information

Dimensions 5.25 × 7.5 in

Deb Mercier



Page Count:



Detective: You

Publication Date

October 10, 2023


Lake 7 Creative


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