Marathon: You Can Do It!

Marathon: You Can Do It!


Jeff Galloway developed unique training programs ten years ago showing runners how to train for, and finish a marathon. Galloway‘s success using walk breaks throughout race training has led tens of thousands of average people to experience the unique lifetime accomplishment of running a marathon.

In this updated and revised edition, you’ll discover how to set up a personal training program, how to stay motivated, train with a group, avoid injuries, and burn fat.

Get the everyperson’s guide to running, and experience the unforgettable lifetime accomplishment of running a marathon.

If you haven’t already begun training for a marathon, you’ve probably thought about doing so. Former Olympic athlete and record-setting distance runner Jeff Galloway is here to say, “You can do it!” With Marathon, he’ll guide you every step of the way. Jeff has developed unique programs that show runners how to train for—and finish—a marathon.

His revolutionary Run Walk Run® method of training has enabled tens of thousands of people to complete marathons, and you can be among them. This innovative method opens up marathon-running to everyone, including those who may be out of shape, overweight, or past their athletic prime. Discover how to set up a personal training program, stay motivated, avoid injuries, burn fat, and more. This updated edition includes the new “magic mile” time trial, fat-burning techniques, adjustments in your weekly schedule to prevent injuries and improve performance, and quick fixes to keep runners motivated during latter stages of a marathon.

Benefit from topics like the following:

  • Training and inspiration
  • Food and fat-burning
  • Dealing with injuries and getting older

Jeff’s first book, Galloway’s Book on Running, is an international best-seller, with more than 600,000 copies sold in North America alone. Take advantage of his knowledge, and get on track to achieving the goal of your dreams.

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May 11, 2010


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