Rolling Homes: Shelter on Wheels

Rolling Homes: Shelter on Wheels


If there’s not a nomadic revolution going on today, there’s certainly a nomadic movement. In the last few years, either for reasons of practicality (high costs of rent or mortgages), change in lifestyle, or the search for adventure, people are customizing all sorts of vehicles for travel.

This book covers nearly 80 DIY vehicles, with most of them fitted out for the road by their owners. There are vans, sedans, trucks, buses, and trailers with a wide array of designs and styles. A number of the units are 4-wheel drive for off-road travel.

The book is not only fun to browse through, but is full of practical information (such as stoves, heaters, battery charging, solar power, refrigerators, and kitchens designed for the road) — for anyone wanting to create their own movable home.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 10 in

Lloyd Kahn



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August 23, 2022


Shelter Publications


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