Cyber Week 2023

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You can find some of the best books on outdoor adventures and nature right here with special discounts and deals

November 25th through December 2nd
Check out our full catalog and see what other books we have near you and be sure to check out our three special Cyber Week offers:
Buy all 3 Sam Rivers novels and get 30% off the 4th book. 
Buy 3 William Nealy Maps and Get 1 Free
Buy Nature Explorer or Nature Explorer Sketchbook, get a free notebook and colored pencils.
We hope you have a truly wonderful and peace filled holiday season. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about our books, maps, cards or about shipping. Be sure to see what other books we have near you and sign up for our newsletters to get the latest information about what AdventureKEEN is publishing as well as subscriber-only discount codes.