Bailey the Bear Needs Help!

Bailey the Bear Needs Help!


A True Story of Rescue and Rehabilitation

Read the amazing true story of an injured bear cub’s rescue, recovery, and return to nature—and learn about animal hospitals.

Bailey the bear cub loves living in the forest and exploring with her mama! She has no idea that her life is about to change forever. When she gets too close to a road near the forest, Bailey is struck by a car! She is severely injured, and her jaw is broken. A rescue team brings her to a wildlife rehabilitation center (or animal hospital)—and this is just the beginning of her story. Will surgery save her jaw? Can Bailey learn to use it again? Her only hope of returning to the wild is to prove that she is healed and able to survive on her own.

Bailey the Bear Needs Help! is a true story told with gorgeous photographs and heartwarming text by award-winning author Christy Gove. Through Bailey’s journey, readers learn about bears and wildlife rehabilitation centers.

  • See the inside of a wildlife hospital.
  • Learn how veterinarians help animals to get better.
  • Find out about bear diets, dens, and families.

Bailey the Bear Needs Help! is both entertaining and educational, helping to instill in children an appreciation of animals and nature.

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Dimensions 10.25 × 8.25 in

Stan Tekiela, Christy Gove



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Color photos throughout


Wildlife Rescue Stories


Adventure Publications

Publication Date

October 17, 2023


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