Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles


The Ultimate Raptors

Award-winning author and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela presents the lives of eagles in a collection of photographs and information.

Enter the World of the Eagle with Stan’s Amazing Photography If you’ve ever seen an eagle fly gracefully over an unbroken forest or watched it snatch a fish from the surface of a crystal-clear lake, you probably experienced a feeling of inspiration. Award-winning author, naturalist, and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela believes that eagles are the most majestic of birds. He spent years studying bald and golden eagles, noting their behaviors and capturing them in photographs. Stan’s research spanned major events such as migration and courtship, as well as everyday activities including feeding and sleeping. The result is a striking portrayal of these amazing raptors in Eagles. Stan’s extraordinary photographs depict the birds of prey in a new, unique fashion. His fascinating text, drawn from detailed research and personal observations, provides information about every aspect of the eagles’ lives. Presented with headings and short paragraphs, the coffee-table book is pleasurable to browse and easy to read. “My sentiment for this bird of prey runs deep”, says Stan. “I’m sure you feel the same. Because of this widespread affection toward our national symbol, I am confident the future of the eagle will stay as bright as our nation and as wonderful as the people who care for this bird.” Unmatched by any other book on the market, Eagles is a must-have for bird watchers, raptor enthusiasts, and nature lovers.
Author Bio: Naturalist, wildlife photographer, and writer Stan Tekiela is the author of more than 190 field guides, nature books, children’s books, and playing cards, presenting many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, trees, wildflowers, and cacti in the United States. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural History from the University of Minnesota and as an active professional naturalist for more than 30 years, Stan studies and photographs wildlife throughout the United States and Canada. He has received various national and regional awards for his books and photographs. Also a well-known columnist and radio personality, his syndicated column appears in more than 25 newspapers and his wildlife programs are broadcast on a number of Midwest radio stations.

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