Cranes, Herons & Egrets

Cranes, Herons & Egrets


The Elegance of Our Tallest Birds

Develop a New Appreciation for These Unique Birds

When you imagine these graceful, elegant birds, perhaps you picture them in shallow water, standing on one leg, waiting for fish. But there’s much more to these cultural touchstones. Award-winning photographer Stan Tekiela takes you into the fascinating world of cranes, herons and egrets. His striking photography captures the birds in action and depicts behaviors that will leave you awestruck. Headings and small blocks of text make for easy yet informative browsing.

Discover North America’s tallest birds through Stan’s personal observations and years of research. Everything about them is interesting, from how they walk to how they fly to how tall they are. These historic birds are ingrained in folklore around the world. Stan has photographed every important aspect of their lives, from first flight and hunting to migration and mating. The result is a one-of-a-kind book that celebrates these wonderful creatures.

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