Dinosaur Destinations

Dinosaur Destinations


Finding America’s Best Dinosaur Dig Sites, Museums and Exhibits

When it comes to dinosaurs and other fascinating fossils, the U.S. has it all, from Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops to Stegosaurus and Brachiosaurus. Dinosaur Destinations, by Jon Kramer, Julie Martinez, and Vernon Morris, will help you find the best dinosaur sites near you and across the country. Visit a dinosaur dig site or a famous dinosaur track site, and even make your own cast of fossilized tracks! With details about the nation’s best dinosaur-related locales, you’ll learn what fossils have been found at or near each place, what kids will enjoy about each site, contact information and more. Plus, this field guide to extinct creatures introduces each species and includes their former range maps and fun facts.

Dinosaur Destinations features:

  • The most famous dinosaur dig sites, track sites and fossil locales in the U.S., including a few that allow visitors to participate in real dinosaur digs
  • Locations with unique opportunities for dinosaur fans, such as venues that allow you to touch real dinosaur fossils
  • Fascinating facts about the most famous dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures
  • Notable non-dinosaur fossil sites and species, such as Pteranodons, plesiosaurs, mammoths, and more

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