A Beautiful Look at a Bird’s Most Unique Feature

Appreciate the Adornment of Birds

Feathers, possibly the most amazing body covering in the entire animal kingdom. No other covering does all that feathers do. From the delicate down feathers that keep birds warm to the sturdy flight feathers that allow birds to soar, these marvelous structures are something to admire. This coffee table book is filled with stunning, incomparable photos, and it promises to delight as it walks you through the world of feathers.

Book Features:

  • More than 230 stunning, one-of-a-kind images of feathers and birds from across the United States.
  • Many fascinating facts, including how feathers keep tiny chickadees warm in winter, why Blue Jays aren’t really blue and how the feathers of owls can help them hunt prey.
  • Information that will season your understanding of feathers and enhance your enjoyment of birds.

Everyone who celebrates nature will appreciate this beautiful, detailed look at feathers.

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