Fossils for Kids

Fossils for Kids


An Introduction to Paleontology

This children’s guide to fossil collecting includes an introduction to paleontology, an identification section, and “how to” instructions.

Dig into the history of life with this children’s introduction to paleontology, complete with an identification section and “how to” instructions.

As incredible as it sounds, fossils are all around us, waiting to be discovered. Become a young paleontologist. Learn all about ancient life forms preserved in rock. Dan R. Lynch, author of many Rocks & Minerals field guides, presents a kids’ introduction to fossils.

Begin by learning about the early Earth and the process of fossilization. That’s followed by an identification guide to the most common and collectible fossils: crinoids, snail shells, shark teeth, and more. With full-color photographs and illustrations, you’ll always know what to look for. A “how to” section includes the details your family needs to begin a successful fossil hunt.

You’ll also get information on everything from rock shop fossils and rules of collecting to dinosaur fossils and more. So learn to find, identify, and even collect the petrified forms of ancient organisms. Whether children see their first fossil at a museum or find their own fossil seashells, this easy-to-understand book is a perfect guide for beginners.

Inside You’ll Find

  • “How to” section, including details on what to look for and where to look
  • The basics of paleontology and how fossils formed
  • Rules about what you can and can’t collect
  • Identification guide to common and collectible invertebrate fossils, such as trilobites, as well as common rock shop finds

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