Ghostly Tales of Mississippi

Ghostly Tales of Mississippi


2nd Edition This chilling collection of stories features 14 ghostly tales of Mississippi, based on reportedly true encounters.

Read 14 chilling ghost stories about reportedly true encounters with the supernatural in Mississippi.

A graveyard where the dead do anything but rest peacefully, a haunted bridge that was the site of unspeakable violence, the ghost of an ancient witch that roams the dark woods—Mississippi is among the most haunted states in America. This collection of ghost stories presents the creepiest, most surprising tales of the Magnolia State!

Author Jeff Duke grew up in Mississippi—with a fascination for things that go bump in the night. As an adult, the professional writer spent countless hours combing the region for the strangest and scariest run-ins with the unexplained.

Horror fans and history buffs will delight in these 14 terrifying tales about haunted locations. They’re based on reportedly true accounts, proving that Mississippi is the setting for some of the most compelling ghostly tales ever told. The short stories are ideal for quick reading, and they are sure to captivate anyone who enjoys a good scare. Share them with friends around a campfire, or try them alone at home—if you dare.

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Jeff Duke



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Black-and-white photos throughout


Hauntings, Horrors & Scary Ghost Stories

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September 6, 2022


Adventure Publications


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