Goodnight Great Outdoors

Goodnight Great Outdoors


This camping-themed boardbook is a bedtime story geared toward families who enjoy the great outdoors.

A Perfect Bedtime Story, Whether You’re Under a Roof or Under the Stars

Gather the children. Cuddle into a warm sleeping bag. It’s time to fall asleep. This gentle, calming story celebrates the wonders of the great outdoors by saying goodnight to nature. As the sun sets, the family prepares their campsite for nightfall. “Goodnight hills, and goodnight clean air. Goodnight creatures everywhere.” The soft, rhyming text complements dream-like illustrations, creating a board book that’s just right for winding down. So spend your days playing and exploring. With Goodnight Great Outdoors, you have bedtime covered.  This is author Lucas Alberg’s first children’s book.

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Weight 17.11 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 in

Lucas Alberg


Megan Marie Myers

Age Range




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Illustration Notes

Color illustrations throughout

Publication Date

September 21, 2021


Adventure Publications


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