Jump Start Your Business Brain

Jump Start Your Business Brain


The Scientific Way to Make More Money

Doug Hall shares data-proven methods that can make sales, marketing, and business development measurably more effective.

JUMP START Your Business Brain
details data-proven methods that will make your sales, marketing and business development measurably more effective.

What makes this book unique:
The methods detailed here are backed by hard data and grounded in the statistical analysis of the success and failure of more than 4,000 new products and services, and more than 6,000 innovation teams.

The research quantifies the impact of a back-to-basics, customer-focused approach to sales, marketing and business development. It also uncovers ways to measurably increase effectiveness in today’s super competitive, time-compressed and overstressed marketplace.

“America’s #1 New Product Idea Man”
Inc. Magazine

“Hall’s book is a damn good read…because he’s a damn good storyteller. But, speaking as an engineer-business analyst, it is credible because it is supported by a ton of (VERY HARD) data. I LOVE THIS BOOK. (And I rarely, never before, truth be told, go that far.) PLEASE. P.L.E.A.S.E. Read, and ingest, this book. PLEASE.”
-Tom Peters, Co-Author, In Search of Excellence

“Eureka! Ranch’s unconventional approach has won raves from some of the biggest corporations in the country.”

“Doug Hall has a method to his madness, a rigorous, quantifiable process for inventing breakthrough ideas for clients. Unlike many creative gurus hustling ideation wares in the corporate marketplace, Doug makes it imperative that his Eureka! Inventing processes are quantified every step of the way.”
-Todd Datz, Features Editor, CIO Magazine

“Doug Hall’s unique and effective approach to creating ideas is stimulating, embracing, and fun, and the results explode with new possibilities. It is truly a winning experience in ideas and self-confidence.”
-Ron Nicodemus, Conference Director, Walt Disney Institute

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