Proactive Problem Solving

Proactive Problem Solving


This item will be released December 3, 2024.

How Everyone Can Fix Problems & Find Ideas for Working Smarter!

Create your own success at work, at home, and in life with a proven system that teaches you to embrace more optimism and proactivity.

Proactive Problem Solving: The three little words of business success.

Doug Hall invites you to improve your work, home, and life in all facets. Instead of accepting life’s frustrations as “just the way it is,” discover how to break free of the comfortable relationships you’ve developed with problems that keep you from attaining the reward of achieving your goals and dreams.

Proactive Problem Solving begins by paying attention in the moment, ever mindful and curious. It involves experimentation and experiences that connect you to your sensory awareness, your curiosity, and your inherent mission for meaningfulness.

Proactive Problem Solving unveils the system that will teach you and your team how to move your mindset from “reactive” to embracing a more optimistic and proactive way of life.

The need for this book became real to Doug as he experienced the thrills and challenges of leading a fast-growing manufacturing company, the Brain Brew Bourbon Distillery. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Brain Brew grew from shipping a few thousand cases to shipping over 100,000 cases a year. His insights and methods are abundant and immediately actionable. Everyone wins when you put Proactive Problem Solving to work.

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December 3, 2024


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