Sex in the Outdoors

Sex in the Outdoors


2nd Edition

A Humorous Approach to Recreation

A humorous and helpfully informative book about having sex in the great outdoors.

Sex in the Outdoors says it all! If you enjoy, or strive to have the opportunity to enjoy sex in the vast outdoors, then you’ve laid hands on the ultimate resource. Benefits include:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased awareness of bears and other critters
  • Increased fitness of necessary body parts
  • Increased awareness of possible partners
  • Increased interest in getting it
  • Increased chance of getting it
  • Increased chance of getting away with it

Whether you want it, someone you know wants it, or you have a sex-starved niece or nephew who needs it, Buck Tilton’s Sex in the Outdoors promises to deliver the intimate yet practical information all sex-crazed outdoor folks need to know, whether they know they need to know or not.

“Outdoor passion without proper planning can have unexpected consequences, such as your partner moaning, “Oh, Baby, is that poison oak”? Thank goodness for the Minister of Sex, Buck Tilton, M.S., and his book.”

-Michael Hodgson, author of the humor series No Shit, There I Was and publisher of”

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