Stan Tekiela’s Birding for Beginners: California

Stan Tekiela’s Birding for Beginners: California


Your Guide to Feeders, Food, and the Most Common Backyard Birds

“This accessible guide for an increasingly popular hobby teaches how to attract a variety of birds with specific food and create a welcoming space for year-round and migratory birds.”
—David Miller, Library Journal

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Find Joy in the Beauty and Wonder of Birds

Birding is among the most popular outdoor activities, especially in California, where hundreds of different bird species can be seen and observed. Now is the perfect time to join the fun and let our feathered friends astonish and inspire you. Award-winning author, naturalist, and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela has written the best-selling bird identification guides for almost every state. In Stan Tekiela’s Birding for Beginners: California, he provides the information you need to become a skilled birder in the Golden State.

The first section of the book presents “how to” information. Learn the basics of bird feeders. Get to know your birdseed. Create a bird-friendly yard, and even make your own bird food with do-it-yourself recipes.

The book’s second section is an identification guide, featuring 63 California birds that are most likely to be seen at your backyard feeder or near your home. The species are organized by color, making it simple to identify what you see. If you spot a yellow bird, go to the yellow section to discover what it is. Each bird gets a full-page photograph with notations about key field marks, or identification characteristics. The full-color photos are paired with information ranging from the bird’s nest and eggs to favorite foods, as well as Stan’s fascinating naturalist notes.

Give birding a try, and get started with the guidance of an expert. You’ll be amazed by how much joy birds can bring, and you’ll have a lifetime to enjoy them.

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1 review for Stan Tekiela’s Birding for Beginners: California

  1. Backpacker

    This book is a great resource to have around the house. I live in an area where there are a lot of bird activity, and it’s great to be able to identify the birds and learn about their behaviors. This book has high-quality colored photos and good information about each bird. I really like this book!

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