Up Where the Stars Are

Up Where the Stars Are


This picture book was created with the assistance and support of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Up Where the Stars Are benefits the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.

Author Ryan Jacobson has created 2 amazing supplemental lesson plans to use when reading this book with children.

Social Emotional Learning Lesson #1

Pegasus and the Night Sky Lesson #2

Andrew Moore is not like other children. He doesn’t talk or run or jump. But he loves to smile and laugh—and go on the most wonderful outings! When he soars into the night sky to meet the constellations, his new friend Andromeda is taken by a sea monster. Andrew must team up with Pegasus, the flying horse, to help Andromeda. The boy isn’t as fast as Pisces, as powerful as Aries, or as brave as Perseus. How will he save the princess and bring happiness back to the kingdom?

Up Where the Stars Are is an uplifting story by award-winning author Ryan Jacobson and award-winning illustrator Michelle Hazelwood Hyde. It showcases the positive power of imagination and celebrates the unique gifts that every child possesses. It also introduces children to nine constellations, complete with instructions for finding them in the night sky.

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Dimensions 8.25 × 10.25 in

Ryan Jacobson


Michelle Hazelwood Hyde





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Andrew's Adventures in Nature

Publication Date

April 11, 2023


Adventure Publications


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