Whose House is That?

Whose House is That?


Learn About Nature’s Amazing Animal Architects!

Beaver dams, bird nests, spider webs, the animal kingdom is filled with expert builders that construct spectacular homes. How much do you know about them? Can you identify a critter based on where it lives? Find out in this fun and interactive picture book by award-winning author, naturalist, and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela.

Study a photo of an animal’s house, and examine a clue about the creature that built it. Analyze the information, and formulate a guess as to “Whose house is that?” Then turn the page to discover the answer.

You’ll learn facts about the innovative birds, bugs, mammals, and more that build nature’s most astonishing homes. Whose House Is That? features Stan’s stunning wildlife photography and expert information that children, adults, and educators will appreciate. The book is an entertaining introduction to a variety of animal species found in North America. With every reading, kids will become more familiar with animals and the natural world.

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