Animal Tracks of the Midwest Field Guide

Animal Tracks of the Midwest Field Guide


2nd Edition

Easy-to-Use Guide with 90 Track Illustrations

This field guide to Midwestern animals presents tracks of more than 95 mammal species, plus common birds and reptiles, for quick and easy identification.

Tracking Made Easy – from the Backyard to the Backwoods

You’ve seen animal tracks while hiking, camping, or even in your backyard. Now learn what made them. Animal Tracks of the Midwest Field Guide by expert tracker Jonathan Poppele features the tracks of more than 95 species of mammals found in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. This new edition spotlights more species, including common birds and reptiles, as well as updated track illustrations, photographs, and information.

Book Features:

  • Animals of the Midwest: More than 95 mammal species, plus common birds and reptiles
  • Designed for your success: Realistic track illustrations and quick identification tips
  • Fact-filled information: Scat photos and descriptions of other signs that animals leave behind
  • Accessible and informative: Easy enough for beginners yet detailed enough for experienced trackers
  • Gait illustrations: Depictions and descriptions for each animal, from walking to trotting and hopping to bounding

Species are organized into groups, based on similarities in track appearance and then by track size. So it’s easy to find the tracks in the book once you see them in nature. Bring this handy guide on your next outing, and leave a book at the cabin. You’ll be surprised how often you encounter animal tracks, and how much you can learn from them!

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Jonathan Poppele



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Illustration Notes

Color illustrations, maps, and photos throughout

Publication Date

November 30, 2021


Adventure Publications


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