Backpacking the Light Way

Backpacking the Light Way


Comfortable, Efficient, Smart

This book helps beginners and advance backpackers pack efficiently and carry less weight while still being prepared.

This is NOT another backpacking gear book.

Backpacking the Light Way has one goal: to help backpackers lighten their loads. You need not sacrifice comfort to enter the world of ultralight backpacking, but you do need to change the way you think about gear, pack loads, and planning.

Preservation of comfort is the guiding principle of this book. It allows you to learn ultralight techniques and tricks without sacrificing what’s important.

Longtime professional outdoor-skills instructor Richard Light teaches field-tested, proven strategies for:

  • Planning a modular packing system
  • Creating gear lists that work
  • Navigating the steps required to seriously lighten up
  • Understanding the differences in conventional and ultralight thinking
  • Dealing with winter conditions
  • Packing to minimize frustration
  • Assessing risk in the backcountry
  • Effective trip planning

Backpacking the Light Way helps beginners as well as advanced backpackers pack efficiently, carry less weight while still being fully prepared, and have fun in the backcountry.

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Richard A. Light



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