Desert Life

Desert Life


Guide to the Southwest’s Iconic Animals & Plants and How They Survive.

Learn about more than 80 species of plants and animals—and how they survive in the Chihuahuan, Great Basin, Mojave, and Sonoran deserts.

Although it may look barren, the desert is teeming with life. Have you ever wondered which animals and plants thrive in the American Southwest and how they survive? This fantastic guide reveals the answers! Desert Life is filled with stunning photography and fascinating information from Karen Krebbs, a naturalist with more than 30 years of experience studying desert life. Featuring such entries as mountain lions, owls, snakes, and scorpions, as well as cacti, yuccas, and more, this guide to plant life and wildlife provides the information you want to know.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Spotlight on more than 80 species of desert plants and animals
  • Special emphasis on how to spot them and how they survive
  • Engaging information about the Chihuahuan, Great Basin, Mojave, and Sonoran deserts
  • “Wow” facts about diet, predators, lifespan, and more

From plants and small insects to large mammals, the species featured in this book provide an entirely new understanding of life in the desert!

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