Pacific Coast Fish Finder

Pacific Coast Fish Finder


This item will be released October 8, 2024.

2nd Edition Identifying Marine Fish of the Pacific Coast Author Bio: Ron Russo is well-known for his broad knowledge and enthusiastic teaching. He has written more than 40 articles for various magazines and journals—including a feature article in Natural History magazine—as well as five technical papers on leopard shark biology. Ron is the author of such books as Rocky Mountain Mammals, Pacific Coast Mammal Finder, and Plant Galls of the Western United States. Ron served as a naturalist of the East Bay Regional Park District for 37 years, including 17 years as Chief Naturalist, before retiring in 2003 to focus full-time on his passions of plant galls and shark biology. He is the recipient of the distinguished Fellow Award from the National Association for Interpretation (1989) and served as an instructor of California state park rangers for 25 years at the William Penn Mott Training Center at Asilomar, California. Ron was also a wilderness guide for 18 years, leading trips to observe and study Alaska’s rich array of plants and animals, including humpback whales and grizzly bears.

Identify marine fish of the Pacific Coast with this pocket-size guide.

Whether you’re snorkeling with your family or on a fishing trip in the Pacific, you’re bound to encounter a variety of marine wildlife. If you’re curious about the fish you see, then Pacific Coast Fish Finder by Ron Russo is just what you need. With the handy, easy-to-use book, you can identify common marine fish, sharks, and rays by sight.

The booklet begins with introductions to fish anatomy and biology, followed by an at-a-glance identification chart to fish species by shape and a guide to shark teeth. A field guide section presents 130 marine fish, organized by families such as sharks, salmon, rockfish, and tunas. Professional illustrations by Ann Caudle and visual descriptions help you to identify each species.

Book Features:

  • Simple guide to marine fish identification
  • 130 species of common fish, sharks, and rays
  • Introductions to fish anatomy, biology, distribution, and more
  • Professional illustrations with key markings for identification
  • Small (6- by 4-inch) format that fits into a pocket or pack

This guide is applicable to the West Coast states of Alaska, California, Oregon, and Washington, as well as coastal Baja California and Canada.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 in

Ron Russo


Ann Caudle



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October 8, 2024


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