Pacific Northwest Birding Companion

Pacific Northwest Birding Companion


Field Guide & Birding Journal

This guide to birding in the Pacific Northwest is part how-to book, part field guide, and part journal.

Your Bird-Watching Companion for Idaho, Oregon, and Washington

Peaceful, relaxing, and inspiring, birding can yield a lifetime of satisfaction. For some, simple observation of birds is enough to fill them with joy. Others prefer to make it more interactive, striving to see a variety of species and learning to identify them. If you’re among the latter, the Pacific Northwest Birding Companion is just for you. Written by award-winning author, naturalist, and wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela (known throughout the region for his best-selling bird identification guides), the Pacific Northwest Birding Companion is part how-to book, part field guide, and part journal.

Read Stan’s tips for identifying birds, and learn about everything from reporting a rare bird to dealing with injured birds. The field guide section organizes 145 species by color. When you see a yellow bird, go to the yellow section to discover what it is. There, you can also find range maps, as well as such information as nest descriptions, migration habits, and tips for attracting the species to your feeder. At the bottom of every page, there’s room to log information about when and where you saw that species. You can also keep track of your birding life list on the book’s closing pages, so you’ll always have a running total of the different birds you’ve seen.

Use your birding companion on its own, or pair it with Stan’s bird identification guides. It will enhance your birding experience and bring even more enjoyment to the hobby that you love.

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