Walking Seattle

Walking Seattle


35 Tours of the Jet City’s Parks, Landmarks, Neighborhoods, and Scenic Views

Featuring 35 self-guided walking tours, Walking Seattle leads readers through the city’s most interesting, scenic, and historic places.

Get to Know the Jet City’s Most Vibrant and Historic Neighborhoods

Grab your walking shoes, and become an urban adventurer. Clark Humphrey guides you through 35 unique walking tours in this comprehensive guidebook. Go beyond the obvious with tours that showcase cozy bungalows, stately mansions, postmodern palaces, and outdoor art. Soak up Seattle’s history, parks, and vibe. Wander wide boulevards, narrow cobblestone lanes, and pedestrian pathways to Pioneer Square, Queen Anne Hill, the University of Washington campus, Foster Island, and beyond.

Each self-guided tour includes full-color photographs, a map, and need-to-know details like distance, difficulty, points of interest, and more. You’ll soak up history, backstories, architectural trivia, and fun facts to share with others while on your way to the best restaurants, bars, and shops in Washington. So find a route that appeals to you, and walk Seattle!

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